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Protect your business and your employees with a Workers Compensation insurance policy.

Proudly serving business owners in San Angelo, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1995.


What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance (Workman's Comp) provides coverage for employees who are injured or become ill during a workplace activity. Coverage for medical payments, lost wages, death benefits to families, and other accommodations are available. 


What kinds of incidents are covered?

Covered incidents must occur while an employee is at the workplace or engaging in a workplace related activity for their employer. These incidents may occur outside of the workplace or in a company vehicle, as long as the employee is performing a work related task. 

Examples of incidents covered by workers compensation insurance:

  • An employee strains a muscle while lifting a heavy object on the job. 
  • An employee is driving a company car between worksites and sustains injuries in a car accident, needing extended time off from work.
  • An employee contracts an illness caused by hazardous chemicals on a job site.

Workers compensation insurance does not cover incidents that are self-inflicted, caused by voluntary horseplay, drug or alcohol use, occur at voluntary off duty social events, or that result from an "act of God."


Should I carry workers compensation insurance?

Any business owner with one or more employees should carry workers compensation insurance. By purchasing workers compensation coverage, you are protecting your employees, their families, and yourself and your business. Ryan Thoma Insurance provides workers compensation coverage through Texas Mutual Insurance Company, which is a state supported program. Policies through state supported workman's comp companies provide coverage to your business for workplace lawsuits.

Our local agents are available to go over aspects of your business and help explain how workers compensation coverage would benefit your situation.


Am I required to carry workers compensation insurance?

Texas does not require most private employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Employers who choose not to purchase workers compensation coverage are considered "nonsubscribers" and are required to report this to the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers’ Compensation, post notices in the workplace, and alert new employees in writing that they are not covered. Nonsubscribers are subject to workplace lawsuits.

Private employers who contract with any governmental office are required to present proof of workers compensation insurance. Many contractors require potential subcontractors to provide proof of workman's comp coverage.


How is a workers compensation insurance policy rated?

Workers compensation premiums are calculated based on the classification of work that is performed by your employees and the annual payroll of your business. For example, a clerical office employee would be considered less of a risk than an employee performing roofing duties, therefore the clerical worker would be rated at a lower premium than the roofer.


Why Ryan Thoma Insurance?

Our friendly and local agents look forward to finding you the best coverages and rates for your business. We are available to go over types of classifications, coverage levels, and any aspect of Workers Compensation coverage with you.


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